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PRO Aquatics Committee

Shannon Scully-Pratt

Aquatics has been Shannon’s world since she was a little girl, whether simply never wanting to get out of the water, canon ball competitions or competitive swimming. These activities led Shannon right into the world of Drowning Prevention with two amazing organizations; Red Cross and Lifesaving Society. Something clicked, and it was clear she had found a passion. For a brief period Shannon stepped out of the aquatics world to pursue other career options, but ended up right back at the Red Cross - reignited her lifelong passion.

Shannon first attended the PRO Aquatics Conference in 2006, and remembers feeling excited and nervous but was greeted by friends, current and passed and was welcomed with open arms. As the conference continued, she felt rejuvenated by the amount of information that was able to be shared in just a few days.

After attending Aquatics for a few years, Shannon realized the amount of work that was going on behind the scenes throughout the week and she started helping out; stacking chairs, decorating parties, creating centerpieces, bringing bales of hay. When she was approached to join the committee for the 2017 conference, she was tickled with excitement. 2019 marks her 14th year at the PRO Aquatic Conference and each year it changes so much yet continues with the warm and welcoming energy.

From Shannon:
“PRO Aquatics is a gathering of Professionals in the field of Recreation. Those with their ear to the ground and the capacity to ignite change. When we learn from the world around us we become stronger, wiser and ready to take action. The Delegation of 2019 should be proud to celebrate the successes of this past year and gain the determination to thrive in the year of 2020!!!”

Ashley Aruda
Social and Networking Lead

Ashley has been working with the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville for fours and as a Recreation Programmer for a year and a half. Ashley has been attending the PRO Aquatics Conference for a long time - she first attended the PRO Aquatics conference in 2011! She was in her first year of college and attended as a student volunteer. She remembers wanting to make a good impression and wanting to network as much as she could.

Ashley remembers her experience fondly because “the PRO Conference welcomed me in with open arms and I loved getting to know such wonderful and committed people! I loved the atmosphere and kinship.” Because she has such a great experience, she volunteered for two more years as a student and then I joined the committee 2014. This will be Ashley’s ninth conference and she is counting down the days!

Beth Fisher
Donations and Exhibitors Lead

Beth has been in a professional role as an Aquatics Programmer since 2001. While attending the Aquatics conference as a delegate over the last few years, she watched committee members in action, and noticed how much fun they were having as a team. Luckily she decided to finally join the PRO Aquatics committee and lend her talents this year!

Beth believes everyone should attend the PRO Aquatics conference for the informative sessions and the networking opportunities. Even if they aren’t sure about which sessions to attend, Beth says “it is guaranteed that they will walk away with greater aquatic knowledge for their tool box” and finally seeing “the friendly faces you can put to names you only know through email makes it so much easier to pick up the phone and connect with your allies in the industry”

Emily Hunter
Volunteer Lead

Most recently with the City of Branford for the last year, Emily has been in Aquatics full time since 2011.
She attended PRO Aquatics for the first time in 2011 and joined the conference committee in 2013. She has built upon a variety of portfolios throughout the years, and feels very fortunate to have been able to work with a diverse group of people and professionals with the conference committee over the past six years. Every year, Emily very much looks forward to the conference as a way to expand her knowledge in an industry that is always changing and evolving as well as being able to network with other aquatics professionals.

Kory Moffatt
Marketing and Social Media Lead

Kory has been working in a professional aquatic capacity for almost two years and she brings with a variety of knowledge, specialized skills and experience from camp and recreation settings.

She first attended the PRO Aquatics Conference as an individual to expand her knowledge and experience as well as to network with industry professionals. She remembers that both staff, volunteers and attendees were very welcoming and friendly and that the location was stunning. Kory was thrilled to accept the social media committee lead role and take her volunteering to the next level. The opportunity to be part of something that influences so many people from different areas in Ontario was very exciting to her. This year she hopes she can increase the online presence of the PRO Aquatics Conference and show the excitement, knowledge and experience that can be gained when one attends

Greg Peri
Committee Member

An aquatics professional from Aurora, Greg was the 2016 recipient of the PRO Aquatics Conference Legacy Grant. From receiving this grant, Greg, who would have otherwise not been able to attend the conference due to budget restraints, was able to attend the full conference without affecting his finances or the Corporation.

He participated in as many sessions as he could and learned a lot. When he attended the socials, he was able to network and meet new people in the industry. His passion reinvigorated, he wanted to get more involved and do more in the aquatic industry. He set it as his goal the following year to be a presenter at the conference, which he did!

Now coming full circle, he has taken the next step and joined the PRO committee to add his experience and passion to the conference so others can learn, network, and grow professionally and personally, as he did the last two years. He is looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones too!