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Trade Show Hours

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Welcome Networking Reception (Not in Trade Show area)
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Trade Show Set Up
7:30am - 9:30am

Trade Show Hours
Trade Show Refreshment Break
10am - 10:45am

Trade Show Luncheon
12pm - 2pm

Trade Show Tear Down
2pm - 4:30pm

Wine and Cheese Reception (Not in Trade Show Area)
4:45pm - 6:15pm

Exhibitor and Delegate Networking Social (Not in Trade Show Area)
9:00pm - Midnight

Trade Show Layout

Blue Mountain Conference Centre - The Courts

Shaded Booths = Reserved for Sponsors and Corporate Members
Food = 5 Food Stations Positioned Around Room During Lunch
Coffee = 2 Coffee Stations Positioned Around Room Throughout the Day

Terms and Conditions

The 2019 Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Aquatics Conference and Trade Show will be held in Collingwood, ON, from November 5-8, 2019. The Trade Show will be held on November 6, 2019, with set up and tear down on November 6, 2019.
All exhibits will be located in the courts at the Blue Mountain Conference Centre in Collingwood, ON. 

Booths are 8’ x 10’ and vary in location. Please see the enclosed floor plan for details. Booths will be provided with an 8' high black drapery background and 3' high black dividers. PRO will provide a 4' or 8' draped table and 2 chair(s) if requested. Additional furnishings and equipment may be ordered at cost. Hours and dates for installing, showing and dismantling exhibits are listed above. Exhibitors must adhere to the terms of their contract which state that no exhibit will obstruct the view of or hide the exhibits of adjacent booths. 

All assignments of space will be made as early as possible in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the exhibitor, although PRO reserves the right to determine all assignments and change location assignments at any time as it may, in its sole discretion, deem necessary. Booth assignments will be based on Sponsorship and Membership status until December 10th. After this date, it will be determined by the time and date of receipt of application and full payment and on a first-come first-served basis. 

Neither PRO nor the Hotel/Conference Centre will be financially obligated or otherwise committed in the event that the show is cancelled or deferred on account of strikes, fires, casualties, Acts of God or causes beyond its control. The exhibitor will assume the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of injury or damage to exhibitors displays, equipment, and other property brought upon the premises of the exhibition facility, and will indemnify and hold harmless: Parks and Recreation Ontario, Blue Mountain Conference Centre and any authorized representative, agent or employee of the foregoing of any and all losses, damages and claims. Every precaution will be taken to safeguard the exhibitor’s property, however Parks and Recreation Ontario cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits or exhibitors’ personal belongings, however caused. Exhibitors are advised that the Trade Show is taking place on rubberized flooring. Parks and Recreation Ontario cannot take responsibility and remain harmless for any damages done to individuals by exhibitors products or services, however caused. Parks and Recreation Ontario cannot be held liable for any damage to goods and injury to persons. 

All persons entering the exhibit hall must be registered. Persons attending the Educational Forum will be given registration badges to permit admission to the Trade Show area. 

All deliveries or unloading must come in through the Loading Area and must check in at the PRO registration table upon arrival. Exhibitors are responsible to provide all necessary manpower and carts when unloading and loading equipment. Loading area space are limited so please plan accordingly. 

Exhibitors shall not use the facilities in any manner that shall cause damage to the premises or equipment. Exhibitors using electricity will provide their own power bars and/or extension cords. For electricity rates please see Trade Show Opportunities, page . Exhibitors who are using interactive displays must produce evidence of $5,000,000 general liability insurance and property damage insurance. Exhibitors are responsible for the replacement and cost of insurance related to participation in the Trade Show. Exhibitors providing an interactive display must indicate it on the online Trade Show registration page. 

Exhibitors, that need to ship any displays to and from the Conference Centre, must contact the Blue Mountain Conference Services Coordinator at 705-744-0231, extension 6460 to ensure all Way bills and other documents are properly completed. We kindly ask that all displays be brought in the day of the Trade Show Set Up (November 6, 2019), as storage space is limited. If you require storage space prior to November 6, 2019, you may send your products/displays as early as November 1, 2019. All deliveries must be labeled, with the following information: 2019 PRO AQUATICS CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW – Company Name & On-site Contact, Tel #; C/O Blue Mountain Conference Centre, 242 Jozo Weider Blvd, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z2, Box(es) ____ of ____ . Any exhibitors sending displays, etc. in advance, or having the Conference Centre store it after the Trade Show, a $25 per item per day holding fee will be charged, plus applicable taxes. Deliveries must be made to the receiving/loading area of the Conference Centre. The Conference Centre will not accept deliveries to the front door. Shipments received prior to November 1, 2019 will be subject to an additional shipping and receiving charge. 

All exhibitors, and select sponsors, have the right to provide a “promotional insert” in the delegate bag. Inserts should be sent directly to the Conference Centre and must arrive by November 4, 2019 and not prior to November 1, 2019. If shipments arrive prior to this date a $25 per item, per day holding fee will be charged. The following information must be clearly labelled on the package: 2019 PRO AQUATICS CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW – DELEGATE BAG INSERT – Blue Mountain Conference Centre, 242 Jozo Weider Blvd, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z2 Box(es) ____of ____ .