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Join us for four new events being incorporated into this year's Virtual Forum!

Daily Break Outs:
At the end of each day's presentations, join colleagues for follow up discussion and exchange on any of the afternoon's sessions. Outside of the formal Q&A during the presentations, it's your chance to explore the topic in further detail, to share your experiences, and to gain more insight on what others are doing about it. 

Activity Breaks:
Between presentations, the Forum Committee will host mini-activities designed to get your brain and body moving. Take a moment to get rejuvenated and take the opportunity to check your email or get a coffee. This new format will give you a mini break and help you get ready to learn even more at the next session!

Excellent Evening Entertainment:
June 2nd from 7 - 8:30 pm will be a special night of casual fun and networking for Forum delegates. Expect the unexpected with games, interactive activities, and opportunities to chat with colleagues. Learn more about the world around you, test your knowledge of all things parks and recreation-like, get introduced to different types of online games and activities, have a glass of your favourite beverage, and enjoy the company of other like-minded individuals! No skill for any of the activities required. However, using fun backgrounds and video filters is definitely encouraged (but not a necessity… and neither is turning on your camera… just being there will be part of the fun!).

PRO-Active Stories:
PRO wants to hear from you! During the Spring Program, PRO will be inviting you to prepare brief video clips to be showcased in the Fall Program. There are so many PRO-Active things you are doing to successfully serve your communities during this Pandemic and we want to hear about them and share them with the rest of the delegation.

Think about how you are being PRO-Active... PRO in the Park, PRO in the Pool, PRO in the Program, PRO in Places, PRO in Policies, and PRO in People. Videos don't need to be professional... they just need to provide a 30 second to 3 minute snapshot of the unique things you are doing  to help people keep engaged, healthy and active.

Please note: As PRO will be sharing these videos with delegation, when preparing yours, please adhere to your local policies regarding taking pictures/videoing.