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Parks and Recreation Ontario Aquatics Awards
Parks and Recreation Ontario’s Aquatic Awards recognize and honour excellence in aquatic design and individual leadership. There are three categories of awards:
Award of Excellence in Aquatics Facility Design
Emerging Leader Award for Aquatic Personnel
Aquatic Legacy Grant

The Basics
Application deadline is Wednesday, September 25, 2019
  • The nominator must be a current member of Parks and Recreation Ontario.
  • Only online applications will be accepted.
  • Please have your information ready before you begin the application. Responses to the online application cannot be saved for later completion. We strongly recommend drafting your responses in a separate document first and only completing this form when the entire application is ready for submission. You can find a copy of the application questions below.
  • Application information can be cut and pasted into the online application. The length of the information that can be copied is noted on the information page for each application.
  • Up to 16 documents can be attached to the application. Individual documents must be less than 16MB and be in one of the following formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif
  • To retain a copy of the application, print it prior to submission.
  • More than one application can be made by the same Nominator.
  • The review team ranks based on information provided for each question. If no information is available for a question, the review team is unable to rank in that area.

    For more information on the requirements and criteria, visit the Parks and Recreation Awards page.