2018 PRO Award of Excellence: Aquatics Facility Design

Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre

Innovative design can take many forms, but a truly innovative aquatic space – whether a pool, waterpark, or other facility – must meet the needs of its community. Designing a facility to best serve its users requires the ability and the willingness to adapt to those needs, and results in a space that not only solves a problem but presents new and exciting opportunities.

The Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre, located amidst the city’s cultural landmarks, is the perfect example of innovation harnessed for the good of the community. Built in 2013 as a multi-purpose community aquatic facility, the $78 million WIATC challenges the idea of what an aquatic facility can be – and what it can do.

For swimmers, there’s the Natatorium: a 71-metre pool capable of accommodating five unrelated programs simultaneously, with a movable floor that changes the water’s depth and temperature as required. The Natatorium’s infrastructure was designed to support competitive events from the regional to the international level, and brings in both international competitors and local families to enjoy the water.

The WIATC also boasts a water playground, wave pool, surf simulator, lazy river, fitness centre, an 

accessible indoor water park, and three level indoor play place – resulting in a grand total of 12 water slides. Beyond recreational facilities, there are also five community meeting rooms, an atrium and mezzanine used as community event spaces, and even the Windsor Essex County Sports Hall of Fame.

Windsor’s innovative facility serves its community and brings in 
visitors from around the world.
As a destination for local school groups or national swim competitions, community events or the International Children’s Games, the WIATC proves that innovative, intentional aquatic design plays
a critical role in enriching communities. We are pleased to award Windsor the 2018 PRO Award of Excellence in Aquatics Facility Design and look forward to the WIATC's continued success.