Yardstick Parks User Group Meeting and Information Session

Date:   Oct 28, 2020
Time:   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location:   Online, Toronto, ON


The Yardstick benchmarking program provides management, financial and planning information for parks, open space and facilities managers.

If you are a current project participant, this is your opportunity to review the results of the project for the past year, discuss the implications of these results, and take part in discussions regarding potential enhancements and refinements for next year’s benchmarking. And new this year, you also get to showcase one of your parks or facilities that you think everyone should see. Share with the rest of the group a 5 minute virtual tour of your pride and joy!

If you are not a project participant, join us to learn about Yardstick, see for yourself how the project works, and speak with current participants to find out how Yardstick has proven to be of value in their municipalities. It is yet another webinar, but it’s one you will be glad you attended!

Join us October 28th to learn more about this exciting benchmarking program. Click here for more information. 

For more information on Yardstick and how it can help drive your best practices visit: www.yardstickglobal.org  

Or email Project Manager Chris Rutherford at chris@yardstickglobal.org

Or contact PRO or OPA at Mike (mhood@prontario.org) or Keely (opa@ontarioparksassociation.ca)