Apply Today to Serve on the PRO Board of Directors


Parks and Recreation Ontario is seeking four qualified and dedicated candidates as nominees for the Board of Directors. Three positions are for the 2020-2023 three-year term and one position is for a one-year term, 2020-2021. The election of Directors takes place at the PRO AGM, held during the PRO Educational Forum at Blue Mountain Conference Centre, near Collingwood, Ontario on Thursday, March 26, 2020.


The application deadline is Saturday, January 27, 2020, at 5 pm.

All applicants must be PRO Members in good standing.

The PRO Board is comprised of twelve members who share an interest in supporting PRO's strategic goals for healthy people, vibrant communities and sustainable environments. Board members come from all parts of the province and represent recreation, parks, public health, education and aligned sectors. Board members will have skills and competencies to help PRO achieve its Strategic Plan. Skills include municipal and non-profit recreation leadership, post-secondary education, finance and risk management, strategic planning and non-profit governance.

Time Commitment

The PRO Board meets six times per year, four times in person and two by teleconference. In addition, each Board member will sit on one of the two standing committees: Governance or Finance and Risk Management. These committees meet via teleconference as required.  Additional opportunities to support PRO initiatives come up throughout the year.


PRO will reimburse Board members for all travel and accommodation costs related to PRO meetings and other work done on behalf of PRO.

Application Process and Considerations

The Governance Committee of the Board is responsible for nominations and will establish a Nominations Task Group to review all applications. To ensure that there is equitable and broad representation from the PRO Membership on the Board, the Committee will consider geographic distribution, skills and experience of applicants and representation from different fields/sectors.  In addition, the skills and interests of the four newly-elected Board members will complement those of the present Board members.

The following documents should be reviewed prior to beginning an application:
PRO By-Law No. 1 (2017)
PRO Strategic Plan
PRO Code of Ethics


January 27, 2020

Application deadline.

January 28, 2020

Applicants notified of receipt of application (completed applications only).

February 2020

Nominations Task Group reviews applications & meets.


If required, Chair of the Nominations Task Group will interview candidates and check references.

Early March 2020

Nominations Task Group presents proposed Slate of Nominees.


All applicants (with completed applications) will be notified of results.

March 26, 2020

PRO AGM and presentation of the Slate of Nominees to the PRO Membership.

Note: PRO presents a full slate of nominees to the membership, so there are no nominations from the floor.

Further information on the application process is available by contacting Diane English ( at (416) 426-7306.