2021 PRO AGM

The PRO 2021 AGM will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 12 pm. This will be a virtual AGM, on the Zoom platform. Registration details will be sent to all members.

The PRO AGM is a good way to learn more about PRO's activities over the past year, elect the members of your Board of Direcrors, and hear about priorities for 2021. Of note this year there are two minor amendments to PRO's bylaws regarding virtual meetings and AGM timing. Members should review this document prior to the AGM. 


The purpose of the AGM is to conduct the following business:
1. Adoption of the 2020 AGM Minutes
2. Reports from the Chair and CEO
3. Treasurer’s Report:

i.   Motion: To accept the Audited Financial Statements
ii.  Motion: To appoint the Auditor
iii.  Motion: To authorize the Board to set remuneration for the Auditor

4. Amendment of Bylaw 1 (Review the proposed amendment here)

i.   Motion: To amend Bylaw 1

5. Motion to Approve all Acts and Business in 2020
6. Elections
7. Resolutions
8. Other Business