2021 PRO AGM

The PRO 2021 AGM will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 12 pm. This will be a virtual AGM, on the Zoom platform. Registration details will be sent to all members.

The PRO AGM is a good way to learn more about PRO's activities over the past year, elect the members of your Board of Direcrors, and hear about priorities for 2021. Of note this year there are two minor amendments to PRO's bylaws regarding virtual meetings and AGM timing. Members should review this document prior to the AGM. 


1.  Opening Remarks, Introductions & Rules of Order

2.  Adoption of 2020 AGM Minutes

Motion#1: To adopt the minutes of the Annual General Meeting October 20, 2020

3.  Report from the Chair and CEO

4.  CPRA Report

5.  Treasurer’s Report

Motion #2: To accept the Audited 2020 Financial Statements
Motion #3: To appoint the firm of Fruitman Kates LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants for the 2021 fiscal year
Motion #4: That the Board of Directors of PRO is hereby authorized to set the remuneration of the auditors for the 2021 fiscal year

6.  By-Laws

Motion #5: To accept the resolution to amend sections 10.1 and 10.4 of PRO By-Law No. 1 as presented.
Amendment of PRO By-Law No. 1

7. Approval of all Acts and Business of the Association

Motion #6: That the reports as presented in the Annual Report be received and that all business of the association enacted, taken, or carried out by the Board of Directors in 2020 be approved.

8. Special Resolution of the Members

Motion #7: That the members of Parks and Recreation Ontario confirm the resolution to increase by one the number of Directors on the PRO Board of Directors, for a total of 13 Directors.

Section 7.2 of PRO By-Law No. 1 states:
The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of twelve (12) Directors which number may be increased or decreased by special resolution of Members. A majority shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Despite vacancies, the remaining directors may act if constituting a quorum. Click here (page 4) to read the rest of section 7, pertaining to the Composition and Term of Office for Directors.

In order to fully represent the sector and to effectively carry out the business of the organization, the PRO Board put forward the motion to increase the number of the directors on the Board by one for a total of 13 Directors for the 2021-2024 term. The resolution from the Board of Directors can be found here

9. Elections

Motion #8: To approve the Slate of Nominees for the Parks and Recreation Ontario Board of Directors as presented.

Nominees for a three-year term as Director:

Sarah Ane, Town of Lincoln
Juanita Bueschleb, Lifesaving Society
Shari Lichterman, City of Mississauga
Ray Mensour, City of Windsor
Dexter Slater, City of Toronto 

10. Resolutions from the PRO Membership

11. Other Business and Adjournment