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Anyone can join PRO! As a member, you'll join a network of over 6,500 professionals working to secure a strong future for parks and recreation in Ontario. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds including recreation, parks, fitness, sport, facilities, the environmental sector, aquatics, therapeutic recreation, camping, and arts and culture. Be a part of a collective that is passionate about the role parks and recreation plays in the well-being of every Ontarian.


Member Benefits

For over 20 years, PRO has worked with municipal, provincial, and federal governments to strengthen the parks and recreation sector, gaining a reputation as a trusted advisor and strategic partner. We rely on participation and feedback from members to inform our policy submissions. Your participation means that the specific challenges your organization faces will be represented at the highest levels of government. As a member of PRO, you will also be a member of the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association, which promotes a national vision for the sector. You will also have access to tools that will help you advocate for your community. Learn more about PRO's policy and research work

PRO fosters strategic partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders in the province. Through your membership, you'll be connected to organizations not only in parks and recreation, but also in public health, education, chronic disease prevention, urban planning, and trails and have extensive networking opportunities at our conferences and online communities. You'll also have the opportunity to grow your network by volunteering on task groups, special projects, and with PRO's Board of Directors.

Get access to sector-specific research and reports that will help you continue to provide quality recreation programming and parks to your communities.These resources have been developed in partnership with the government of Ontario, industry leaders, and sector professionals.

Stay up to date on the latest developments in the parks and recreation sector. From innovations in program delivery and performance measurement to cutting-edge product and service providers, our annual conferences offer unparalleled insight into the ever-changing parks and recreation sector. As a PRO member, you will enjoy special member rates and be notified of upcoming events. You'll also stay informed with our monthly newsletter, full of the latest news, emerging trends, and research. Learn more about PRO's training events.

Job Mart is Ontario's only job posting service dedicated to parks and recreation. It is the best place for employers to find experienced and qualified candidates and for job seekers to start or advance their careers. As a member, you will receive current listings and discounts on posting your own positions. Visit the job mart page for more information.

Each year, PRO members nominate individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the sector. These highly-coveted awards recognizes the achievements made in the advancement of parks and recreation in Ontario. Learn more about PRO awards.


Membership Plans

Membership Plans Price (plus HST) Resources and Tools News
Job Mart Discounted Job Posting  Discounted Training Events Discounted Advertising in NewBrief Complimentary Event Passes Individual Memberships Included Exhibitor Benefits Complimentary Virtual Event Passes
Individual  $257 - 1 - -
Group  $243
(per person)
- 3 - 9 - -
Volunteer and Student  $87 - 1 - -
Job Mart  $96 - - - - - - 1 - -
Corporate  $765 2* 2 -
College  $298 - 2 Faculty
All students
- -
University   $463 - 3 Faculty
All students
- -
Community agency membership
Level 1: Serving
0 - 49,999
$1070 1 All staff and directors - 1
Level 2: Serving 50,000 - 199,999 $1825 2 All staff and directors - 2
Level 3: Serving 200,000+ $3436 3 All staff and directors - 3
Municipal membership
Level 1: Population
0 - 9,999
$1070 1 All staff and elected officials  - 1
Level 2: Population 10,000 - 74,999 $1825 2 All staff and elected officials  - 2
Level 3: Population 75,000 - 174,999 $3436 3 All staff and elected officials  - 3
Level 4: Population 175,000 - 299,999 $5252 4 All staff and elected officials  - 4
Level 5: Population 300,000 - 499,999 $8149 5 All staff and elected officials  - 5
Level 6: Population 500,000+ $10,709 6 All staff and elected officials  - 6

Code of Ethics

All PRO members, volunteers, and staff must abide by our Code of Ethics. Read more about the PRO Code of Ethics.