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Yardstick Benchmarking Suite

Yardstick is a suite of benchmarking tools that deliver "need to know" information that will help drive decision-making and improve service delivery. It enables you to collect, share, and compare vital information so you can measure current performance and target future improvements. The program is comprised of two separate projects:

1. The Benchmarks project reports on a wide range of information to identify asset provision, costs, service delivery, strategic planning, and asset management best practices.

2. The Survey project identifies what is most important to your users, and how well you are meeting their expectations. This allows you to measure the performance of your service delivery mechanisms and identify potential gaps. 

In an increasingly data-driven sector, Yardstick helps you compare your processes and performance metrics to best practices from organizations and municipalities across Canada.

PRO hosted a virtual information session on October 28, 2020 to help organizations learn more about how this benchmarking program can help them. Click here to access a recording of that information session.