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Workshops, Webinars, and e-Learning Courses

Research, training, and thought leadership are critical to growth and sustainability in the recreation sector. For this reason, PRO is committed to providing diverse training opportunities in communities across the province in order to build capacity in the industry.  

PRO offers a variety of workshops and webinars on a wide range of topics including risk management, training for youth development workers, volunteer management, becoming a youth-friendly community, policy writing and much more. See below for a list of upcoming events.

In-Person & Virtual Workshops

The Yardstick Parks Information Session is an opportunity to learn how the Yardstick Parks Project can help benchmark performance, levels of service and operational costs for your parks, open space and facilities.

The Yardstick User Group Meeting is an opportunity for members of the Yardstick Parks Project (and interested parties) to review the results of the project for the past year and their implications for municipal operations. Join the discussion on potential enhancements and refinements for next year’s benchmarking.

PYD is an approach that helps communities, schools, and agencies re-examine and improve youth development programs. During this day-long workshop, join colleagues and other youth development professionals as you better understand the needs of youth and learn to apply the principles of Positive Youth Development. You will return to your agency, school or department armed with tools, resources and research designed to help your services be responsive and supportive with and for youth. Due to COVID-19, the training scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2020 from 9am - 4pm has been cancelled. This page will be updated when a new session has been scheduled.

Often times, staff who work in youth programs are youth themselves. Without appropriate training, it can be difficult for them to create the kind of environment which will attract and retain program participants. This Positive Youth Development (PYD) Train the Trainer workshop will provide you with an interactive tool you can use to help enhance the quality and capabilities of your staff.

The Canadian Certified Playground Inspector certification program is offered through the Canadian Playground Safety Institute (CPSI) and supported by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA). The program is comprised of a two-part theory and practical course. Upon successful completion of both the CPSI Theory and CPSI Practical components, participants will become a Certified Playground Inspector.
The schedule for the online CPSI courses for Spring and Summer 2020 is available here. Click here to register and click here for more information. 

Customer Service & Marketing Online Courses

Parks and Recreation Ontario is proud to be able to provide online professional development courses that are cost-effective and flexible. Unlike traditional workshops, e-Learning is web-based and is accessible at any time and any place - all you need is a computer and access to the Internet, allowing you to work at your own pace. 

Customer Service Module

Quality service involves more than meeting client expectations. In fact, it is the term given to a business philosophy and management technique that is focused on exceeding client expectations. A key component of quality service is quality communication. In this module you will learn how you can help improve your company's level of service and customer satisfaction by improving the quality of your communication.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

The secret to really good service is to treat your customer the way you would want to be treated. So, why is it so hard to find in today's world of business? In our new economy, with all the technological tools in our hands, customer service should be easy to deliver. But customer service cannot be fully automated; it has to happen with and between people. And, even though we know when we receive good customer service, it is hard to define or to quantify. In this module, we will look at the value of customer service and how to implement it in organizations. Customer service is a cornerstone of any business and every employee can make a difference.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

Good customer relations are a key success factor in any business. This module will help you discover the advantages to you and your customers of reaching out to each other and communicating openly. You will examine issues such as rapport and trust, and identify what clients want in terms of communication. You will learn some techniques for establishing trust and eliminating negative messages from your communication, both of which will have a significant impact on your client relations. Finally, you will discover some challenging personality types and learn strategies for dealing with them.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

Communication is one of the most important functions of any company. Each company needs to communicate internally with all levels of employees, and externally with clients, stakeholders, suppliers, and the general public. The better your communication skills - both internally and externally - the better able you and your company will be at providing quality service. This module will walk you through many techniques that will improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

Each client that approaches you is looking to be helped in some way. If you are able to determine the needs of that client, you will likely be able to provide quality service. And once a client knows that you are committed to meeting their needs, they will likely continue to turn to you in the future, and you will have taken a significant step towards building a long-term and productive relationship.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

Conflict is inevitable, whether at home or at work. However, conflict in business can seriously damage your relationship with your client and cause the client to sever ties with your company. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn to recognize the characteristics of a conflict and develop strategies for diffusing tense situations before they escalate. Managing conflict is a skill, and one that will enhance your ability to provide quality service to your clients.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

Courses can be taken as a bundle (Customer Service Module - 6 courses $189 plus HST) or individually ($39 plus HST). To enroll please click here.

Marketing Module

We will develop a working definition of marketing. We will illustrate that marketing is simply a process or set of activities whose goals are to provide goods and services to individuals. We will look at the notion of individual needs as the driving force behind marketing. We will also look at the notion that the entire process requires an exchange between individuals, one that focuses on buying and selling of goods and services. We will learn that marketing is a key function in business and an important one, whether in a planned economic system or in a market-driven economic system. We will then take marketing one step further to demonstrate its various areas of specialization, such as social marketing, the marketing of individuals, organizational marketing, and real property marketing.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

We will examine three fundamental activities: Identifying opportunities; conducting market research; and understanding consumer behaviour. We will take a closer look at the process to seek out attractive opportunities that a corporation, an individual, or a non-profit organization would undertake. Once viable opportunities have been identified, they are then analyzed individually. This analysis is accomplished through market research. Through market research, we can profile our potential customers and segment them into groups. Finally, we will look at the notion of consumer behaviour and examine how needs and wants and buying behaviour can impact our marketing efforts.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

This module will be particularly relevant to individuals working in an existing business environment and who want to implement a customer service program. Customer service is a set of activities undertaken by a business whose purpose is to enhance customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is the difference between how a customer expects to be treated and how he or she perceives having been treated. Customer service means all features, acts, and information that augment the customer's ability to realize the potential value of a core product or service. Customer service is more than just the product or service itself; it includes the warranty that comes with it and all of the other niceties that we expect. In designing your products, customer service should be integrated into it at the early stages of its development. In this module, we will specifically extend your knowledge of the Product (or service) function of the marketing mix. We will explore the six key steps in setting up an effective customer service program: Strategy, Leadership, Personnel, Design, Infrastructure, and Evaluation.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

The Marketing Mix consists of creating the right balance of product, place or distribution, promotion, and pricing that will end up producing a satisfactory result. We will examine these main processes that make up marketing activity. The opportunity you are pursuing and the needs and characteristics of the individuals you are going to serve will influence your decision in selecting the right mix. Products can be classified into categories and differentiated from one another to make it easier for the consumer to make a buying decision. We will then discuss the various considerations you need to examine in deciding how your product will get to the final consumer. We will also discuss the various methods of communicating to your target audience about what they can buy, where they can buy it, and for how much. Finally, we will look at ways in which prices can be set and the implications of setting the price.

Estimated program length : 1 Hour.

Courses can be taken as a bundle (Marketing Module - 4 courses $129 plus HST) or individually ($39 plus HST). To enroll please click here.

 Intentional Youth Development

If you work with youth, or supervise staff who work with adolescents, this online course on Intentional Youth Development (IYD) will help you better serve their unique needs. The two-module course, provides information to help you intentionally and purposefully build a positive youth development (PYD) approach into your programs and services. Building PYD into your program structure ensures you have a consistent approach to meeting the needs of youth participants, regardless of who is leading the program. A certificate is provided upon completion of this course. Take this training at any time and in any place.

For additional information and  to register please click here.



For additional information on any workshop, webinar or e-Learning program, or to find out about a training topic not listed here, please contact PRO at 416-426-7142 or e-mail